Arnica Supports Mike Crisp and Motor Neuron Disease

Arnica is committed to supporting local charities and so for Christmas 2017 the staff decided not to do the usual Secret Santa. Instead, inspired by avid Gloucester Rugby supporter and Arnica receptionist Margie Brown (pictured), the team wanted to support the fantastic efforts of Mike Crisp who is fundraising for the Motor Neuron Disease Association (MNDA).

MNDA is a charity that funds and promotes global research into Motor Neuron Disease (MND) –  also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – and raises awareness of the devastation it can cause to lives. MNDA also provides care and support to people with the disease. And in the spirit of giving Arnica donated £150 to the cause.

”The donation is important to the charity – a small amount makes a big difference”


Mike Crisp is an ex-rugby player who now runs a media company, and has a wife and young son, Freddie. Mike was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in October 2016.

“I’m in the middle stages and I hope it will stretch out, but as the disease progresses I will need support from MNDA for things like wheelchairs and communication technology. The donation by Arnica is important to the charity – even a small amount makes a big difference to people suffering from this disease.”

For Mike and other sufferers of MND there is no cure, although through funding by charities like the MNDA, specialists are able to manage the disease and even extend the lives of those affected by it. Mike aims to raise £25,000 to go towards this charity.

Mike faces some difficult challenges as the disease progresses.

“My hands are a big issue for me. I can still use them, but I have no strength to grip so I have to use specially adapted equipment. I can still use a computer but with great difficulty. Walking is becoming worse, so I need to rest often but I’m determined to hold out using a wheelchair for as long as possible.”

We asked Mike what his greatest pleasure was at this moment in time.

“Easily, being with Freddie. He’s such a pleasure to be with but he is growing up so quickly; too quickly. On the one hand I want him to remain as a little boy, so I can enjoy him as he is, but I also want him to grow up quickly so that there’s a chance he’ll remember me as I am.”

The MNDA and people like Mike rely on the charitable assistance of individuals and local businesses like us to ensure the care and support of those living with MND both now and in the future. We are proud to offer our support to this most worthy cause. If you would like to help Mike raise funds, then you can donate through his website Pain in the ALS.