Custom-fit OPRO mouthguards for local sports clubs and schools

As part of our sponsorship of a number of local sports clubs including Old Patesians RFC we offer custom-fit, OPRO mouthguards / gumshields at cost.

We are now extending this offer to other clubs and students at local schools and colleges including Cheltenham Hockey Club, the University of Gloucestershire, and Cheltenham College.

Why are we offering OPRO mouthguards at cost?

By offering the UK’s best custom-fit mouthguards / gumshields at cost we’re encouraging local sports men and women to visit Arnica and see for themselves why we’re so highly regarded by patients and referring dentists alike, in the hope that they might consider us if, at any time in the future, they wish or need to move practices.


OPRO mouthguards website

Unbeatable Price for Unbeatable Quality Mouthguards

In 2015 we teamed up with OPRO, the official mouthguard of England Rugby, to provide custom-fit OPRO mouthguards made using accurate impressions taken by our dental team.

Instead of using the self-impression system or the dreaded ‘boil and bite’ system, Arnica can offer players a cost-price impressions service to get a better-fitting high-quality OPRO mouthguard.

The average RRP of Custom-fit OPRO mouthguards or gumshields is over £110.

We can now offer all Cheltenham-based sports clubs the following:

Cost of OPRO mouthguard of your choice (Average of £31) 

Our impressions service (Taken by one of our dentist) (FREE)


Impressions materials and P&P to/from OPRO (£18)



Why choose OPRO mouthguards / gumshields

With CE Type Certification OPRO mouthguards are manufactured in the UK to a very high standard and are available in a wide range of colours and stylish off-the-shelf patterns. They also come with a warranty.

OPRO mouthguards include the wearer’s name and unique reference number on the underside of the mouthguard to avoid mix-up and it may be returned to you if lost. In the event of it getting lost or damaged, you can easily re-order another using the reference number on the case. OPRO will keep the ‘models’ for a maximum of 6 months.

The OPRO mouthguard comes in a sturdy case with care and wearing instructions.

OPRO custom mouthguard
Dr Gillian Kemp 4 Mouthgaurds

Why choose a dentist-made custom-fit mouthguard / gumshield?

Custom-fit mouthguards using impressions taken by a dentist provide the greatest degree of fit, comfort and protection because they are made from an accurate high-quality cast taken from your teeth and gums.

Self-impression mouthguards are far better than boil and bite but are still prone to a little inaccuracy.

Boil and bite mouthguards  are not as comfortable to wear, which is important for very young players, and can be very painful especially for children.

Our custom mouthguard / gumshield service

Although our mouthguard fitting service does not include a full check-up we will look for any irregularities that could affect the wearing of a mouthguard.

Our dentist will take an impression (mould) of your teeth using a soft, malleable and comfortable material called alginate.

The impression is then sent to the OPRO dental lab along with your choice of colours or pattern.

OPRO’s UK-based dental technicians will use the impression to create the custom-fit mouthguard, which is returned to us within an average of 10 days (may be longer during busy periods such as September)

Liz O Our dental hygienist
Cheltenham mouthguards and gumshields

How to order your custom-fit OPRO mouthguard

Tip – Read Steps 1 – 5 first then start.

Step 1 – Click the following link to view the OPRO website
(IMPORTANT – DO NOT pay for mouthguards on OPRO website, pay for them at Arnica)

Step 2 – View colours and designs

Click the ‘Colour and Design’ tab beneath the player image to view colours, patterns and prices for mid-impact mouthguards.

Step 2 – Choose your colour/s and pattern

By clicking the small grey tabs (the first is called ‘colours’ followed by # of stripes you can select number of stripes (5 max) and colour/s.

Alternatively click the ‘Special Designs (General)’ and choose from 37 ‘off-the-shelf’ patterns

Step 3 – Note your choice down and bring it with you to your appointment

Step 4 – If you have a Facebook Account please ‘like’ Arnica’s Facebook page @arnicadentalcare

Step 5 – Call reception on 01242 655554 to arrange an appointment