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The All on 4 dental implant procedure

Restore your natural smile and full oral function in a single day!

The All on 4 technique restores your natural smile and oral function in a single day by placing a complete row (upper and/or lower) of permanent, natural-looking, feeling and functioning teeth using only four implants.

Dr Ellie ledger is one of the region’s leading All on 4 surgeons trusted by patients from all over the UK and in some cases Europe.  Ellie has achieved an exceptional All on 4 success rate since 2004 and is happy to put prospective All on 4 patients in touch with patients who have had the life-changing procedure.

The benefits of the All on 4 dental implant procedure

  • Look, feel and function like natural teeth
    All on 4 dental implants look, feel and function like naturally-rooted teeth

  • Lifestyle changing
    Unlike removable dentures dental implants are stable, durable and long-lasting, giving patients near-perfect oral functionality for chewing food, maintaining oral hygiene, talking, singing and of course kissing! All on4 will not fall out, there is no need for dental adhesive and you don’t have to remove them for cleaning or night time comfort.

  • Teeth in a day
    The All-on-4 procedure can be completed in one day, which means less surgery time and less discomfort and anxiety.

  • Minimising pain and anxiety
    The All-on-4 dental implant procedure is much quicker than placing multiple dental implants, so less surgery is involved and therefore less pain, anxiety, inconvenience and cost.

  • Additional complex surgical procedures not required
    All-on-4 dental implants take advantage of stronger bone at the front of the jaw and so there is usually no need for bone grafting – an invasive, time-consuming and costly procedure.

How does the All on 4 procedure work?

The All on 4 technique, as its name suggests, works by fixing the replacement bridge using only four dental implants.

Two of the dental implants are at an angle whereby the bridge is supported by the bone at the front of the mouth, where the jawbone is denser and stronger, without the risk of nerve damage.

The dental bridge, designed, manufactured and fitted by our award winning dental technician, is designed to look, feel and function like natural healthy teeth and gums.

More information on the All on 4 procedure

Al-on-4 dental implants

What if I do not have enough bone density for the All on 4 procedure?

If you have been told that you do not have enough bone density in your upper jaw for the normal All on 4 dental implant procedure then we might be able to fix your All on 4 dental bridge in place using Zygomatic dental implants.

Zygomatic dental implants are extra-long so that they reach additional bone, giving your teeth better stability.

Find out more about the All on 4 Zygomatic dental implant procedure

Zygomatic Dental Implants

What our patients say

cheltenham dentist
I was really fed up with dentures, so asked my dentist about dental implants. He referred me to Arnica. I met Ellie trusted her immediately, had the All on 4 procedure a month later. Walked out of the practice will a full set of permanent teeth on the same day. So happy. Thank you Ellie and Julie.
Mark W

Thekla Richards All on 4 Dental Implants
Life changing doesn’t begin to describe the impact of having these perfect, permanent teeth in my head. Whilst my expectations were incredibly high, the whole painless process has exceeded even those. Thank you Ellie, Guy and your amazing staff. I will always be grateful.
Thekla Richards

best dentist cheltenham
Despite all the obvious benefits of the All on 4 dental implant procedure the thought of undergoing the treatment filled me with fear. However, dental sedation minimised the pain and my anxiety and now I have my mouth back!
Jackie S

Exceptional-quality All on 4 aftercare

To ensure the All-on-4 dental implant procedure has worked successfully we offer a series of post-operative check-ups so that we can:

  • monitor healing
  • ensure the implants and bridges are functioning well
  • make any necessary adjustments
  • remind you how to look after your teeth and gums

We recommend you continue to have regular examination and hygiene appointments to maintain your oral health, implants, and your newly-fitted teeth.

Should you have any concerns Ellie will see you as a matter of priority.

Al-on-4 dental implants

Download our All-on-4 dental implant fact sheet

Have key information about the All on 4 dental implant procedure at your fingertips including:

  • How do All on 4 dental implants work
  • Benefits of All on 4 dental implant procedure
  • Why put your trust in Dr Ellie Ledger

Download All on 4 key info

Arnica - All-on-4 Procedure Cover
Arnica - All-on-4 Procedure P2

Centre of Excellence for the All on 4 procedure

Arnica is a Centre of Excellence for dentistry providing leadership, best practice, research, support and/or training in several focus areas.

We specialise in minimising discomfort and anxiety before, during and after treatment.

We are at the forefront of complex surgical procedures such as the revolutionary All on 4 dental implants and Zygomatic dental implants.

Over 100 regional dentists refer patients to Arnica for treatment requiring sedation and for more complex surgical procedures such as dental implants.

dental implants all-on-4

Award-winning dental care

We are very proud to have won ‘Best Treatment of Nervous Patients’ at the 2019 Private Dentistry Awards

This is of considerable importance to patients considering the All on 4 procedure because we are an award-winning centre of excellence for:

  • Minimising discomfort and anxiety with powerful yet safe dental sedation techniques
  • Minimising discomfort and anxiety with ‘gentle dentistry’

For more information about the award please click here to read our award announcement

Interest-free finance – the smart way to pay for the All on 4 dental implant procedure

Don’t let finance get in the way of the life-changing All on 4 procedure. Spread the cost with our interest-free finance options

Benefits to you of our interest-free finance options:

  • Spreading the cost of treatment might suit your current financial circumstances making the treatment you need/want a possibility
  • Treatment when you need it most for example in time for an important life event such as a wedding
  • Having treatment sooner rather than later might minimise discomfort, stress, and inconvenience as well as cost you less
  • You do not have to dip into your savings which you might need for other important expenditures

Loans are subject to status and affordability. Finance applicant must be 18 or over, be a UK citizen, have a UK bank account and be in permanent employment. Click here to view terms and conditions.

Find out more about our interest-free finance options

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  • Answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • Discuss dental sedation and how she will ensure you feel relaxed, comfortable and virtually pain-free and stress-free during the procedure

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Al-on-4 dental implants
Al-on-4 dental implants