If you are nervous, anxious or even dental phobic then we can help you

We are a Centre of Excellence for treating nervous, anxious and dental phobic patients:

  • We understand that being nervous, anxious and dental phobic is complex and varies from patient to patient
  • Our nurses and dentists are fully qualified, experienced and sedation-trained
  • We are qualified to administer IV (Intravenous) and IS (Inhalation sedation) to minimise stress and discomfort
  • We are at the forefront of GENTLE DENTISTRY which puts the specific needs of patients first
  • We have one of the most beautiful, relaxing, stress-free dental environments in the region
  • We are also trusted by over 80 referral dentists who refer nervous, anxious and dental phobic patients to us for treatment.

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Minimising anxiety, stress and dental phobia with dental sedation

As a Centre of Excellence for treating nervous, anxious and dental-phobic patients we have the qualifications and experience to use highly-effective sedation techniques that will put you into a relaxed, dream-like state during surgery:

These techniques include:

  • Intravenous Sedation (IV)
  • Inhalation Sedation (also known as Relative Anelgesia)
  • Oral Sedation

For more information on our dental sedation techniques see Cheltenham’s Dental Sedation Centre

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facilities to help dental patients relax

Minimising anxiety, stress and dental phobia in a beautiful relaxing environment

Our practice is specially designed to help nervous, anxious and dental-phobic patients relax.

Facilities at our beautiful practice in Cheltenham include:

  • Beautiful, comfortable waiting room
  • Separate ‘quiet’ waiting area
  • Relaxation room with super-comfortable ‘Stress-Less’ recliner
  • Seating in our beautiful garden during dryer, warmer weather
  • Two-story playhouse to help children acclimatise and relax
  • Garden views from all surgeries
gentle dentistry

Minimising anxiety, stress and dental phobia with Gentle Dentistry

We place as much importance on how we look after our patients as we do on the clinical treatment we offer.

Our philosophy of ‘gentle dentistry‘ is about continually refining our approach to minimise the level of stress or anxiety a nervous or dental phobic patient experiences.

For example, we have started using the revolutionary ‘wand’ to administer anaesthetic. Contrary to popular belief, it’s the flow of anaesthetic into the gum or soft-tissue area that’s painful, not the needle penetrating the surface of the skin. The wand automatically controls the flow of anaesthetic to minimise pain.

our gentle caring dentists

Excellent patient care from a team you can trust

Our reception staff – Patients are welcomed by either Karen, Margie or Hester who are very sensitive to how the patient is feeling and will go out of their way to make a patient feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our nurses – Debbie, Julie, Tracy, Isabella and Jo are all sedation-trained and experienced at looking after the specific needs of nervous, anxious and dental-phobic patients.

Our dentists – Ellie, Leah, Guy and Gillian are all fully sedation-trained and place great importance on spending enough time with their patients, to discover exactly how they want to be treated and to ensure that they feel comfortable before and during treatment as well as discussing treatment in detail.