Poor teeth and gums can affect not only your health, they can affect the way you look, your self-esteem and your quality of life.

The key to maintaining excellent oral health and wellbeing is to look after your teeth and gums by following the latest oral health guidelines – which means regular visits to a hygienist and regular visits to an experienced dentist within a practice with a wide range of expertise:

Education & guidance – verbal advice from your dentist and easy to follow top tips and guidelines

Regular check-ups – frequency will depend on the specific oral health of the patient

Regular hygienist sessions – a scale and polish with Morna, our-ever-so-gentle hygienist

Treating problems early – whilst they are minor therefore minimizing damage, discomfort and cost

Providing a wide range of specialist treatments – all within the practice so that you remain within a familiar environment.

We take time to discuss all the treatment options with you, including the evidence and rationale to support our recommendations.

We will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident that you are getting the best dental care available in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

General Dental Care treatments:

Invisible fillings / dental bonding


Once a tooth has been damaged or has started to decay it is imperative it is thoroughly cleaned, treated and repaired with dental bonding (the modern filling procedure)

Dental bonding is a process that involves the application of a malleable dental composite made from acrylic resins and various fillers, and color matched to the tooth it is being applied to.

Dental crowns


Working with our award winning dental laboratory near Cheltenham, Arnica is very experienced at fitting naturally looking, long-lasting dental crowns.

Benefits of crowns include providing strength to weak teeth; restoring areas damaged by decay, cracks, and trauma; covering teeth that are misshapen or discolored; can save severely damaged teeth, they last for about 10 to 15 years and can be used to replace old silver or gold crowns.

Root canal treatment

Root-Canal-TretmentRoot canal treatment which is also called endodontics is a dental procedure that treats infection at the centre of a tooth (the root canal system).  The infection is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and invade the tooth when either tooth decay occurs, fillings leak or teeth are damaged by a trauma such as a fall.

All of our dentists have lots of experience of root canal treatment. Using powerful local anaesthetics, patients will receive the most thorough treatment available whilst experiencing the least discomfort possible.


A denture is a removable replacement for a few missing teeth (partial denture) or a whole set of teeth (complete dentures).

Using the very best materials our dentures are designed to look great and feel firm and comfortable.

Because the shape of your mouth changes over time and your dentures experience typical wear and tear, Arnica offers a denture care service that looks after your mouth and your dentures making sure the two co-exist as harmoniously as possible.

For further information about general dental care or to book an appointment please call 01242 655 554