Preventative Dentistry and Dental Care

It is widely recognised among dental professionals that dental diseases are completely preventable in most people.

One of the main contributory factors to tooth decay and gum disease is plaque. Plaque thrives on the rough surfaces of teeth caused by the build-up of calculus or tartar, therefore preventing the build-up of plaque is essential.

Preventative dentistry/dental care at Arnica Dental Care involves our dentists, hygienists and patients working together to do everything possible to prevent the damaging effects of tooth decay and gum disease.

At Arnica our preventative dentistry goal is to help our patients achieve healthy teeth for life by developing an effective oral health plan through regular hygiene sessions with our experienced hygienist, and regular examinations with our highly qualified dentists.

10 Top Tips to Looking After Your Teeth

1.    Don’t Smoke
2.    Eat less sugary foods
3.    Brush teeth after breakfast, lunch and last thing at night
4.    Also scrub tongue with toothbrush and use mouth wash last thing at night
5.    Replace worn tooth brushes regularly
6.    Use dental floss or inter-dental brushes to reach the parts brushing can’t
7.    Book in for regular check-ups at intervals dependent upon your oral situation
8.    Visit your hygienist three times a year
9.    Seek immediate attention if you damage your teeth or gums or are in pain
10.  Replace missing teeth to prevent further deterioration

Preventative Dentistry / Dental Care and Visits to the Hygienist


Regular visits to the hygienist are an integral part of preventive dentistry and will ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy by preventing the build-up of plaque and tartar, which contributes to tooth decay and gum disease.

Regular scaling and polishing helps to keep teeth and gums healthy because it removes hard calculus or tartar (caused by saliva, minerals, debris and plaque). It also removes stains from red wine, cigarettes, coffee or tea that regular brushing can’t.

Regular flossing will help keep the inter-dental areas of your mouth free from the build-up of tartar but inevitably there will be some build-up as these areas are difficult to access.  Only your hygienist can give your mouth a thorough clean.

Therefore, we recommend that you visit the hygienist to have your teeth scaled and polished at least every six months.

Liz Outlaw Arnica’s Dental Hygienist


Our Hygenist, in consultation with your dentist, will then formulate a dental hygiene plan that best suits you and will recommend certain oral hygiene products available at the practice for example tepe interdental brushes.

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Preventative Dental Care and Regular Check-ups

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is key to preventative dental care as dental problems should be treated as soon as they are detected in order to minimize damage, discomfort and cost.

For further information about our preventative dentistry / dental care or to book an appointment at our private dental practice in Cheltenham, please call 01242 655 554