Q & A with Liz O Dental Hygienist

To help patients get to know us even better we thought it would be fun to do a Q & A style interview with members of the team

Due to the popularity of her recent blog ‘Top Tips to Looking After Your Teeth and Gums’ we thought we would start with our lovely award-winning Hygienist Liz O


Q             Why did you want to become a dental hygienist?

When I was a child, my lovely dentist had a wonderful nurse who would always reassure me and put me at ease. This led me to want to become a dental nurse.

I then wanted to become a dental hygienist because I wanted a more involved, proactive role in helping patients look after their oral hygiene.

Q             Where did you study and train, and when did you qualify?

I trained at Birmingham Dental Hospital and qualified in 2001. I was privileged and delighted to win 4 awards at my graduation. These included the Oral B-Cup (for best academic achievement) and the Glenwright prize (for getting the highest marks in our final exams).

Q             What do you like best about your job?

I like being able to establish a great rapport with my patients, enabling them to relax and trust me. This results in enjoyable appointments and great treatment outcomes.

Q             How long have you been working at Arnica?

I’ve worked at Arnica since 2012.

Q             What do you like best about working at Arnica?

Arnica is a very forward-thinking, supportive, innovative dental practice. Patients feel more like friends, so my sessions don’t feel like work. All my colleagues are amazing, and we work together as a kind and caring team.

Q             How do you get patients to relax?

I’m able to encourage patients to relax by being friendly and reassuring. I make conversation to help establish a relationship and to distract them. I always reassure them that they are in control so if anything bothers them, I’ll stop or change what I am doing if they want me to.

Q             What was your funniest hygienist moment?

There are too many to list! We laugh in my surgery every day.

Q             What is your top tip?

Top tip – prevention is better than cure. Make regular appointments so we can nip little problems in the bud before they become bigger problems. ‘Little and often’ is much easier for patients to tolerate mentally, physically and financially.