Look fabulous, feel great with a whiter brighter smile

Arnica’s teeth whitening treatments will get the results you’re looking for:

  • Bespoke* bleaching trays (pictured) for an even application of gel
  • Treatment carried out by experienced dentists or hygienist
  • Top brand whitening gels including Phillips or Opalescence
  • Option of Philips in-practice Zoom laser teeth whitening 
  • Demonstration on how to apply gel for best results
  • Advice and support at any time during treatment

*Bespoke trays are made by taking an accurate cast of your teeth using a pleasant-feeling non-harmful material called alginate. Bespoke trays ensure that the teeth whitening gel coats all the surface of the teeth evenly for the best results!




Philips Zoom in-practice laser teeth whitening

Philips Zoom is the #1 requested professional laser teeth whitening brand in the UK

With Phillips Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening you get:

  • Combination of in-practice Zoom laser teeth whitening and take home teeth whitening kits
  • Treatment session includes 4 x 15 minute sessions using Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed 
  • WhiteSpeed teeth whitening gel contains a formula that reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Take-home kits are supplied with Philips DayWhite or NiteWhite gel
  • Philips Zoom is EU compliant and conforms to all UK safety regulations 

Take-home teeth whitening kits

Our value for money take-home teeth whitening treatment comprises:

  • Bespoke* bleaching trays (pictured) for an even application of gel
  • 8 x Opalescence teeth whitening gel
  • Demonstration on how to get the best results by our dentist or hygienist
  • Advice and support at any time during treatment
  • Eligible for top-up teeth whitening gel should you wish to repeat your treatment