Diana Holdsworth

I want to say thank you to Sarah for giving me back my smile, gently assuaging my fears of visiting the dentist from the first visit and providing me with the highest standard of care in a very caring and friendly manner.

Before Sarah and Arnica, my claustrophobia had prevented me seeking much needed dental work until I was forced to find a practice that fitted all my requirements, namely sedation, highest-quality treatment, state-of-the-art dentistry, reassurance at every level and a gentle understanding of my fears. My research pointed me to Arnica and, from my first visit (of many) to Sarah, I have never looked back, and as I say, she has given me back my most treasured possession: MY SMILE! Check-ups now are something to look forward to -thank you, Sarah! I can unreservedly recommend her to everybody.

A visit to the dentist is something almost everyone would like to avoid. Yet, when I visited Arnica Dental Practice the professionalism, patience and skill of Dr. Sarah Higham put me completely at my ease.