Louise Bruce Testimonial

Louise Bruce

I was terrified of the dentist, experiencing such pain every time I went that I just stopped going.  Having not been for eight years I needed some treatment and was referred to see Ellie via an NHS practice in Swindon. From here I became a private patient at the Arnica Dental Practice in Cheltenham.

I am so pleased I found Ellie and the Arnica practice; I’ve had some pretty major work done on my mouth over the years, receiving valium-based sedation every time and I never feel even the tiniest bit of pain or fear.

As I lie down, listening to the radio, looking at the lovely garden, I am totally relaxed as I know I can trust that Ellie and her team will never hurt me, and that sedation is always on offer if I need it.

I can not recommend this practice highly enough and would tell anyone with a fear of the dentist to fear no more. There IS a way to find pain and fear-free dentistry and it is the Arnica Dental Practice.’