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Tooth coloured fixed braces

Ceramic braces use clear and white brackets and coloured wire to be less visible than traditional braces. Being fixed, they will move your teeth faster than removable options and the more discreet appearance and colour options make them popular for people who may feel self-conscious and want a less noticeable brace.


They are potentially worn a little longer than metal braces and they can be less durable during physical activity. However, they are a great combination of effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. They provide the precise individual control of a metal brace while visually blending in with your teeth.

  • Clear (tooth coloured) ceramic brackets and thin wires with colour options.
  • Attached to the front of your teeth and work just like metal braces.
  • Fixed and worn for the whole treatment period.
  • Move teeth more quickly than removable braces.
  • Recommended if you have all your adult teeth and no longer growing fast.
  • More affordable than Lingual and Invisalign.


Why choose ceramic fixed braces?

If the idea of metal braces puts you off or you are self-conscious about your appearance, then clear ceramic fixed braces can be a huge advantage. You’ll be amazed at how well they fit in with your smile and they are barely noticeable in pictures.


Tooth coloured ceramic braces are more comfortable than traditional braces as they use smaller, more rounded brackets that are less likely to cause any irritation. The latest materials mean they don’t stain easily, and younger patients enjoy using coloured bands to make a statement.

  • Faster results than removable options.
  • Very effective for teeth that require a lot of movement.
  • Easy to remove once your treatment is complete.
  • Less irritation that traditional braces so more comfortable to wear.

Check out the cost of ceramic braces

Alternatives to lingual braces include: Traditional Metal Braces, Lingual Braces and Invisalign Invisible Braces


Ceramic braces closeup

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