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Single dental implants

Single and multiple dental implants are a simple, effective and permanent way to give you back your natural, healthy smile and help prevent further problems.

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Download our fact sheet PDFs to find out more about dental implants at Arnica Dental Care, a Centre of Excellence for complex surgical procedures and award-winning gentle dentistry.

As well single dental implants, you’ll find helpful information about the life-changing All-on-4 procedure, an at a glance guide for how much a single tooth implant costs as well as all our dental implant procedures, and a thorough set of frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Single tooth implants

Look and feel just like your natural teeth

Replacing a single tooth or multiple missing teeth or severely damaged teeth with single tooth implants is the next best thing to your own teeth. They look and feel completely natural and provide a permanent and durable solution to tooth loss.

Single dental implant in jaw

Bonded securely to your jaw 

A single tooth implant is comprised of a titanium screw which we place into the bone of your upper or lower jaw. As the bone heals around the screw, it forms a strong secure bond. We then attach a specially designed and sculpted crown, which will blend in with your neighbouring teeth.

Healthier and more comfortable 

A single tooth implant – and multiple dental implants – will help you feel comfortable about your smile again and help solve any eating issues you may have been suffering. They will also help keep your jawbone and gum much healthier than other treatments. 

Protecting the health of your teeth and gums

Prevent further problems

A single dental implant has advantages over other treatments because it will prevent the continuing problems arising from tooth loss. Neighbouring teeth become more vulnerable and can loosen over time and the bone and gum can shrink where a tooth is missing. This can cause problems with speech, eating and pronunciation, and even change the shape of your face over time. 

Low maintenance 

No adjustment is necessary once they are placed, and being permanently fixed they don’t need to be removed at night. The treatment process is also much less disruptive to your other teeth than some other methods of replacing teeth. Those healthy neighbouring teeth won’t require any modification.

Life-long performance

Single dental implants are safe, strong, reliable and reduce the risk of further tooth loss. With proper care they will last many years, and possibly for the rest of your life, making what a single tooth implant costs excellent value for money.

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What do single dental implants cost?

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Why choose Arnica for single dental implants?

An award-winning, Centre of Excellence with an exceptional success rate, delivered by one of the region’s most experienced teams, all experts in gentle dentistry.

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