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Dental Mouth Guards from Arnica and OPRO

What are custom fit mouthguards?

Made-to-measure to fit perfectly

Custom-fit mouthguards, or gumshields are designed to fit your mouth perfectly and form a protective layer to ensure that your teeth and gums are protected against impact and damage.

Why do we need them?

To prevent severe tooth damage or loss due to impact

A blow to the lower face could seriously damage your teeth and gums. A mouthguard will act like a shock absorber, reducing the effect of the blow and preventing or vastly reducing any injury.
Each of us has a different shaped mouth. A generic, poorly-fitting mouthguard does not provide enough protection from damage, whereas a custom-fit mouthguard is much more comfortable and effective as they are designed to fit our particular mouth shape.

Why Arnica?

Local sportsmen and women choose Arnica custom-fit OPRO mouthguards because they are fitted by experienced dentists who will:

  • Look for any irregularities that could affect the wearing of your gumshield
  • Take an accurate impression of your teeth and gums using a soft, malleable material called alginate which is then used to manufacture a perfect-fit mouthguard
  • Adjust your impression to account for any irregularity before it is sent off to OPRO
  • If required we make minor adjustments to your mouthguard so it fits perfectly

Who uses them?

England men’s and women’s rugby and hockey teams

If you do a contact sport or another activity that could cause impact to the mouth then a custom-fit mouthguard is highly recommended.

A custom-fit mouthguard is especially important for young players and children who have softer and more sensitive teeth and gums.

There are several alternative options to custom-fit mouthguards including the self-impression mouthguards and ‘boil and bite’ gumshields but these are not nearly as protective, effective or comfortable to wear.

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Why a custom-fitted mouthguard?

It fits perfectly, stays in place and is comfortable. For the mouthguard to be unique to you, and to provide the greatest degree of fit, comfort and protection, you will need to have an impression taken of your teeth and gums.

Why OPRO mouthguards?

Advanced impact protection

opro mouthguard dentist

Choose from 3 protection levels to suit you; Mid Level for athletes using a ball such as rugby, handball and basketball; High Level for athletes in stick and combat sports such as hockey, lacrosse, boxing, or; The Ultimate, protection for athletes needing the most protective mouthguard for their sport.

Made-to-measure to fit perfectly

opro mouthguard dentist

Custom-fit using accurate impressions taken by an experienced dentist who can make  adjustments to ensure the mouthguard is comfortable and stays in place.


opro mouthguard dentist

Biomaster antimicrobial additive offers permanent product protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and moulds

Personalised with your name

opro mouthguard dentist

Because your mouthguard is unique to you it comes with your name and unique reference number on the underside, which means it can be returned to you if lost.

Warranty and care

opro mouthguard dentist

OPRO custom-fit mouthguards come with a warranty, a sturdy case, and care and wearing instructions.

Replacements if lost

opro mouthguard dentist

If you lose or damage your mouthguard, you can easily reorder another using the reference number on the case. OPRO will keep the ‘models’ for a maximum of 6 months.

OPRO Testimonials

opro mouthguard dentist

I’m super excited to be on board with OPRO. First and foremost when I’m playing hockey, safety and comfort are so key – both of which OPRO always deliver on. I’ve played with OPRO for over 15 years and never had any issues. I feel 100% protected by their mouthguards!

Shona McCallin MBE England Hockey

opro mouthguard dentist

I’ve worn OPRO mouthguards from a young age and throughout my career with England. I highly recommend their mouthguards – my teeth have been saved countless times because of them!

Danielle Waterman – England Womens Rugby

opro mouthguard dentist

Playing at the highest level of the game, it’s really important to have a mouthguard that offers the best in protection, comfort and fit. OPRO mouthguards do exactly that and are perfect for my needs. I wouldn’t take to the field without my OPRO mouthguard!

Taulupe Faletau – British and Irish Lions, Bath Rugby and Wales

OPRO custom fit mouthguard FAQs

Which protection level should I choose?
The 3 protection levels are as follows:

    1. Mid Level of protection for athletes participating in contact sports involving a ball such as rugby, handball and basketball.
    2. High Level of protection for athletes participating in stick and combat sports such as hockey, lacrosse, boxing, taekwondo, MMA or for any contact sport athletes seeking a highly protective mouthguard.
    3. The Ultimate protection top of the range protection suitable for all athletes seeking the most protective mouthguard for their sport.

What about boil and bite mouthguards, aren't they as good?
Boil and bite mouthguards do not offer as much protection as a custom-fit mouthguard. As a custom mouthguard is manufactured to suit the individual’s mouth it will offer more comfort and better fit.

How many teeth will the mouthguard cover?
OPRO mouthguards are made to cover all the teeth back to and including the first premolar.

Do OPRO mouthguards come with a dental warranty?
Yes we offer a 12 month limited dental warranty on all OPRO Custom-Fit mouthguards. For more information and to view the terms and conditions please contact us.

How long does a mouthguard last?
This varies according to many factors, e.g. growth, usage etc. Normally a growing child would require a new mouthguard once a year. Although the teeth and bones may be growing, the mouthguards are flexible, and can accommodate some movement. Older children and adults may not grow, but the mouthguard will wear down with use so we would recommend replacing your mouthguard annually.

What happens if my child has a fixed brace?
We can still make a mouthguard which will fit around the brace. Our technicians will ensure that room is left for movement of the teeth. However, the mouthguard will not last as long because of the movement.

I have just received my custom-fit mouthguard. Do I have to do anything before I wear it for the first time?
OPRO mouthguards are made to be comfortable at body temperature and may be tight if too cold. Run your new OPRO under warm water (not hot or boiling water) for 10-15 seconds before trying it for the first time.

Can I have a mouthguard without the OPRO logo?
No, all OPRO mouthguards will have the OPRO logo on the front and this cannot be removed./span>

How do I clean my mouthguard?
You should clean your mouthguard with OPRO refresh mouthguard cleaning tablets after each use. Do not use toothpaste or other cleaning materials to clean your mouthguard. Most importantly, do not machine wash or tumble dry your mouthguard.

What do I do if my OPRO custom mouthguard feels dry in your mouth?
If your OPRO feels dry in your mouth, apply a thin film of petroleum jelly to the mouthguard.

What do I do if my OPRO custom mouthguard is too tight?
Call reception and book in a ‘fitting appointment’ with the dentist who took your impressions

How do I store my OPRO custom mouthguard?
DO NOT leave mouthguard in direct sunlight or near heat source. When not being worn the safest place to keep your OPRO is in its case.

What do I do if my child has missing or loose teeth?
No problem. We check the impressions and models for teeth which are yet to erupt and ‘block out’ the models, i.e. create extra space for the new teeth to erupt.

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How to order your Arnica OPRO Mouthguard

Instructions Download

It’s very easy to order your custom-fit-by-dentist D30 Antimicrobial OPRO mouthguard from Arnica Dental Care.

Simply download, follow the instructions, complete the order form then call the practice to book your custom-fit appointment with one of our dentists.

Download OPRO flyer

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