Arnica Dental Care offers referring dentists access to our leading-edge Cone Beam CT scanner.

Our cone beam CT scanner provides high resolution, volumetric images that are complete, three-dimensional views of critical anatomy, allowing for a more thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation.

The accuracy of Cone Beam CT is comparable to medical CTs but uses a much lower radiation dose.

Benefits to dentists – at a glance

  • More thorough analysis of bone structure and tooth orientation
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Accurate treatment planning
  • Easier to explain diagnosis to patients
  • Easier to discuss proposed treatment to patients for more informed, faster decision making
  • Higher uptake of treatment plans

Treatment-specific benefits

CBCT for dental implants

The quality of CBCT scans allows you to plan and place dental implants much more accurately, offering you benefits in diagnosis through to treatment and planning

Cone beam for orthodontics

Cone beam images are clear and accurate, allowing for improved orthodontic diagnosis and treatment as you can assess tooth relationships much more accurately and plan accordingly.

CBCT for impacted teeth

CBCT gives you a precise 3D view of impacted molars/teeth within the alveolar bone, showing their position with regards to adjacent teeth and proximity to vital structures such as the inferior dental nerve, sinus walls, and other vital structures.

CBCT analysis

Cone Beam CT assists you in both detecting and evaluating possible problems for your patients, thanks to accurate measurements of bone and jaw deformities. This allows you to assess bone lesions and changes of the jaw and detect cysts, tumours and disease. CBCT should not be used as a screening tool but where you have good clinical evidence to suggest that pathology may be present and CBCT can be justified.

Our Cone Beam CT scanning referral service

Our dental scanning service is really easy to use and our team will provide you and your patient with all the information and help they need.

What to expect if you are a referral dentist:

Step 1     Complete our easy to use online scan request form

Step 2     One of our reception team will then contact your patient to book them in for the scan

Step 3     We’ll send you confirmation that the scan has been booked in

Step 4     We’ll send your patient a confirmation letter and our CBCT scan information pack

Step 5     Complete scan

Step 6     We’ll send you the scans via DropBox or USB stick*

Step 7     If required, we can send your scans to our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

*The Ez3D-i software has an export function that includes a copy of the viewer with the scan which will enable you to open and view the scan.

What to expect if you are a patient: 

Because we are at the forefront of gentle dentistry your patient will feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure.

Step 1     On receipt of the booking form we’ll contact your patient to arrange an appointment

Step 2     We’ll send them a confirmation letter and our Patient Guide to CBCT Dental Scans

Step 3     They’ll receive an email/text appointment reminder 24/48 hours before the appointment

Step 4     On arrival they’ll be greeted by one of our reception team and offered refreshments.

Step 5     They’ll then be accompanied to our scanning room for the scan

Step 6     The scanning procedure will take less than 5 minutes

Step 7     One of our dentists will answer any further questions they might have

We value the trust you place in us – our referral guarantee

We value the trust you place in us to look after your patient and return them to you for ongoing treatment and care. As stated in our referral guarantee we discourage patients referred to us from joining the practice. Go to referral guarantee

Start using our scanning service today or if you require more information speak to a member of the team

Use our Online Cone Beam CT Scan Booking Form or call 01242 655554 and speak to one of our receptionists Karen, Hester, Margie or Rachel who’ll be able to provide you with more information.