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Dental Implants coordinator Louise

An exceptional success rate


96% successful

Whether it’s a single replacement tooth or the revolutionary All-on-4 dental implants procedure, Arnica delivers the best results for dental implant procedures.


Over 1,000 patients

People come from all over the region, nationally and Europe to benefit from life changing dental implant procedures at Arnica Dental Care.


Over 20 years’ experience

Dr Ellie Ledger and her talented team have been performing successful dental implant procedures with gentle dentistry since 2001.


Close to 100%

Zygomatic implants can allow us to perform successful All-on-4 dental implant procedures for patients who are told they lack the bone density. Our success rate with zygomatic implants is virtually 100%.

Trusted by over 100 referring dentists

Arnica is trusted by over 100 referring dentists who recognise our extensive experience and expertise, recommending Arnica to their patients for the best results with dental implants and other complex surgical procedures.

As one of the region’s leading dental implant centres, dentists refer patients to our award-winning practice because we have been changing people’s lives by providing the highest quality dental implant treatments including the revolutionary All-on-4 procedure since 2001.

Referral Dentists

Minimising discomfort and anxiety; treating nervous and anxious patients

Dr Leah Adams Sedation Dentist

Arnica Dental Care is a Centre of Excellence for minimising discomfort and anxiety, and at the forefront of gentle dentistry. All our staff adopt this approach to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable. We strive to make your dental implants treatment as painless as possible; our specialist anaesthetists will ensure that any pain and discomfort are minimised throughout the procedure.

Proud winners of “Best Treatment of Nervous Patients”’ at the 2019 Private Dentistry Awards, we are one of only a handful of practices in the region qualified to administer IV (Intravenous) and AI (Inhalation) sedation. We specialise in minimising discomfort and anxiety before, during and after dental implants treatments.

Award-winning aftercare

Our commitment to your care continues long after your procedure is completed. To ensure that your dental implant procedure has worked successfully, we offer a series of post-operative check-ups. These enable us to:

  • Monitor your healing
  • Ensure that the implants, crowns or bridges are functioning well
  • Make any necessary adjustments for you
  • Remind you how to look after your teeth and gums

We recommend you continue to have regular examinations and hygiene appointments to maintain your oral health, implants and your newly-fitted teeth.

If you have any concerns then Dr Ellie Ledger will be happy to see you as a matter of priority.

Dr Ledger with patient

Dr Ellie Ledger with patient

Only the best dental implant components from the world’s leading suppliers, such as Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare’s dental implant components look and function like natural teeth. They are extensively researched, developed and refined. Technically advanced and beautifully designed, they are very long-lasting because they are the highest quality. Nobel Biocare supports Arnica and its laboratories with unrivalled support and advice. We choose Nobel Biocare because they lead the way.

Pioneering discovery and development 

Nobel Biocare has pioneered dental implant systems and materials ever since Prof Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s ground-breaking discovery in 1952 that bone integrates with titanium (osseointegration), and the first ever dental implant treatment.

Nobel Biocare Offices

The longest history of research and innovation

The company has a 65+ year heritage of original scientific research and innovation in restorative and aesthetic dentistry – the longest in the industry – and is dedicated to continually advancing safe and effective solutions.

CBCT Scanner

Digital technology for the most natural smile

In 2005, Nobel Biocare introduced the world’s first integrated surgery solution, NobelGuide. This development brought digital dentistry to a new level, using CBCT scanning technologies, which allow for accurate planning and placement of dental implants in a digital environment.

Nobel Biocare Production Facility

World’s leading dental prosthetics system

In the early 1980s, Nobel Biocare began researching an innovative method for standardising the production of dental prosthetics using computer-aided design and computer-assisted manufacturing. Today, their system, Nobel Procera is the world-leading CAD/CAM tool for creating individualised dental prosthetics.

A centre of excellence for dental implants

Arnica Dental Care is at the forefront of complex surgical procedures. We provide leadership, research, best practice, training and support in several focus areas, including dental implants. Dr Ellie Ledger and her team have extensive expertise in the life-changing procedures such as All-on-4 dental implants and zygomatic implants.

Arnica is also an award-winning specialist in gentle dentistry, providing the best treatment for nervous patients. We give all our patients the highest standard in surgical excellence and complete peace of mind, by minimising discomfort and anxiety before, during and after dental implant treatments.

Centre of Excellence for Dentistry

Highly skilled, UK-trained team led by Dr Ellie Ledger

Dr Ellie Ledger

Principal dentist Dr Ellie Ledger is one of the region’s most experienced implantologists. She heads up a highly skilled team of UK-trained dentists, all experts in Arnica’s speciality, gentle dentistry.

Dr Ellie Ledger has extensive experience of complex surgical procedures including maxillofacial surgery. She has been successfully placing and restoring implants since 2001. Ellie has completed a year-long multisystem dental implant course and has also attended additional All-on-4 Masterclasses with the pioneer of the All-on-4 procedure Dr Paulo Malo, at the Malo clinic.

Dr Toheed Hamid

Dr Toheed Hamid completing two years MSc in Dental Implantology programme at the University of Bristol. He has been a member of the International Team of Implantology, and regularly attends courses to expand upon his knowledge. Toheed has been placing implants since 2014.

All our dentists and nurses are trained and qualified to administer intravenous and inhalation conscious sedation. Together, the team achieve exceptional, life-changing results for dental implant patients from all over the region, nationally, and also from Europe.


Dental implant patient care 2

Dr Ellie Ledger with patient

How much do dental implants cost


How much do dental implants cost?

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Dental Implant Testimonials


What our patients have to say

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Are dental implants right for me


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Discover your best dental implant options with award-winning Arnica Dental Care

Call 01242 655554 today for a friendly, no-obligation, FREE OF CHARGE chat with our dental implants coordinator Louise Nicholson-Smith (pictured)

Alternatively click ‘request call back’ and Louise will call you back at a time to suit you.

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