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Teeth whitening is the easiest way to enhance your smile and facial appearance

And who better to trust to achieve the best teeth whitening results for you than an award-winning Centre of Excellence for Dentistry with one of the most experienced cosmetic dentistry teams in the region.

Get the results you’ve dreamed of with:

  • Treatment carried out by one of our experienced clinicians
  • Custom-fit bleaching trays for an even application of gel
  • Top brand whitening gels
  • Demonstration on how to apply gel for best results
  • Advice and support at any time during treatment
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Bannish the winter blues with a whiter brigher smile

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Take-home teeth whitening trays

Achieving a whiter brighter smile couldn’t be easier! Our take-home teeth whitening treatment is very popular with our younger clientele as it’s very effective, quick, easy and safe.

Achieve as much as 4 shades lighter with:

  • Custom-fit bespoke bleaching trays (pictured) for an even application of gel
  • Demonstration on how to get the best results by our dentist or hygienist
  • A course (4 tubes) of teeth whitening gel
  • Advice and support at any time during treatment

Should you wish to repeat your treatment in 6-12 months time you’ll be eligible for our top-up teeth whitening gel.

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For even better results visit the hygienist prior to treatment

The cleaner your teeth and the freer they are from plaque and staining; therefore more effective the bleaching is as there are no barriers to the whitening gel penetrating the enamel.

Dentists often recommend that patients visit the hygienist up to two time a year for healthy teeth and gums and a whiter, brighter smile.

Arnica offers three levels of Hygiene cleansing, Hygiene Light, Hygiene Routine and Hygiene Plus depending on the extent to which they need cleaning.

See DENTAL HYGIENE for more information.

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What our dentists say

Sarisa Martin Dentist Cheltenham


Sarisa Martin

”Our teeth whitening treatment is really effective – you’ll see results really quickly”

Gill Kemp - Dentist


Gill Kemp

”Teeth whitening is now very popular especially before important events like weddings”

Nicola Robinson - Dentist


Nicola Robertson

”Our teeth whitening trays are comfortable and our gells are really safe”

Toby Mitchell-Innes Dentist


Toby Mitchell-Innes

”Teeth whitening is one of the easiet and most effective smile-makeover procedures!

Our teeth whitening fees - at a glance

Initial check-up (without X-rays)
Initial check-up (with X-rays)
Take home
Hygiene light
Hygiene routine
Hygiene plus
Top up teeth whitening gel
£18 per syringe

Complete smile makeovers

What if you think you need more than teeth whitening to achieve your perfect smile?

Our cosmetic dentists also offer smile makeovers which can include the following procedures:

  • Straightening with Invisalign invisible braces
  • Invisible repairs using bonding and/or crowns
  • Enhancements using dental veneers
  • Replacing missing or severely damaged teeth with dental implants

For more information about our smile makeovers call the practice on 01242 655554 and speak to a member of the team 

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Interest-free finance – the smart way to pay for treatment

Don’t let finance get in the way of a brighter whiter smile. Spread the cost with our interest-free finance options

Benefits to you of our interest-free finance options:

  • Spreading the cost of treatment might suit your current financial circumstances making the treatment you need/want a possibility
  • Treatment when you need it most for example in time for an important life event such as a wedding
  • You dont have to dip into your savings which you might need for other important expenditures

Loans are subject to status and affordability. Finance applicants must be 18 or over, be a UK citizen, have a UK bank account and be in permanent employment. Click here to view terms and conditions.

Find out more about our interest-free finance options

Interest Free Finance CTA 1400 x 1000 21

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