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Dental Hygienist Cheltenham

We’re an award-winning centre of excellence for dentistry with lots of genuine 5* reviews for our exceptional treatment and care.  

Our dental hygienists Emma, Lesley and Jo are very popular with our own patients as well as ‘direct access’ patients who might still be registered with dentists at other practices but who prefer to use our hygienist services.

Take the first step to a whiter brighter smile

Call 01242 655554 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists to book your first dental hygienist appointment with either Emma, Lesley or Jo

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Emma Reeve - Dental Hygienist

Emma Reeve – Hygienist

Lesley Card - Dental Hygienist

Lesley Card – Hygienist

Jo Godwin - Dental Hygienist

Jo Godwin – Hygienist

Top 10 tips to healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath

From Arnica’s Dental Hygienist Emma Reeve

  • Dont smoke
  • Eat healthy
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Limit foods that cause plaque
  • Buy a quality toothbrush/electric toothbrush heads three times a year
  • Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day
  • Use interdental brushes or floss daily
  • Consider using antibacterial mouthwash if gum disease is detected
  • Visit your dentist regularly to identify potential issues early
  • Visit a thorough yet gentle hygienist regularly at Arnica Dental Care
Emma Reeve - Dental Hygienist

Dental hygiene and a beautiful smile

Healthy teeth and gums – are essential to a beautiful smile and fresh breath which can be maintained by good dental hygiene and regular visits to our dental hygienist

An even whiter brighter smile – as you get older healthy teeth and gums alone might not be enough for a whiter brighter smile. Age and lifestyle-related discoloration can be treated with teeth whitening.

The perfect smile – might require a smile makeover requiring tooth, enhancement, realignment, repair or replacement with some or all of our tried-and-tested cosmetic treatments and procedures:

  • Teeth repair – enhancement of damaged or misshapen teeth with tooth-colour bonding
  • Teeth alignment – move and straighten teeth for a better appearance
  • Teeth reshaping – achieving a classical appearance with veneers
  • Teeth replacement – using dental implants tooth-like replacements
Dental Hygienist cheltenham

Direct access hygiene treatment

Did you know, you don’t have to change dentists to use our Dental Hygienists here at Arnica Dental Care in Cheltenham

We now offer ‘direct access’ dental hygiene where you can remain at your current practice with your favourite dentist but take advantage of our award-winning dental hygiene treatment with Emma or Tracy

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What our patients say

Emma made me feel at ease straight away and took the time to explain what she was going to do and when.  She also gave me some great top tips for brushing properly.
Julie E

Great hygienist, really thorough yet very gentle. Felt really relaxed throughout the treatment. Caz the nurse made me laugh which really helped me relax.

Tracy was really friendly and did a great job of brightening my smile and freshening my breath. She gave me some great advice on how to keep teeth clean and breath fresh

Dental hygienist Q&A

How can I best maintain healthy teeth and gums?
Follow our dental hygiene Top 10 Tips above and visit your dentist and hygienist regularily

Why do so many of us not visit the hygienist regularly?
Not all dental hygienists are thorough and gentle

Why are Arnica’s dental hygienists any different?
Arnica is a centre of excellence that specialises in exceptional-quality treatment and care whilst reducing discomfort and anxiety

How do I choose the best dental hygienist for me?
Step 1, request that the hygienist calls you back for a chat. Step 2 try him or her out before you commit to the long term. NB With ‘direct access’ you can see who you want to

How do I find a good dental hygienist?
The best way to find a good dental hygienist is to ask family, friends or colleagues. Failing that you’re more likely to find a good dental hygienist at an award-winning practice

What is Direct Access?
Direct Access is where you no longer have to be registered with a dentist at the practice where you’re having dental hygiene treatment

What's the benefit of Direct Access?
If you wish to remain with your current dentist but would prefer to see a hygienist from another practice you now have the freedom to choose, to go where you like.

Dental hygienist costs at a glance

Hygienist Treatment
Hygiene Light
Hygiene Routine
Hygiene Plus
Direct Access
Advanced periodontal treatment with dentist

Take the first step to a whiter brighter smile

Call 01242 655554 and speak to one of our friendly patient coordinators to book your first dental hygienist appointment

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Jennie Major Dental Receptionist


Jennie – Patient Coordinator

Rachel Williams - Dental receptionist


Rachel – Patient Coordinator