Invisible fillings, also known as white fillings, are made of modern materials that actually restore tooth structure in the event of decay or fracture, or a misshapen or chipped tooth as they bond to the tooth surface far better than silver or amalgam fillings.

Invisible fillings are invisible because the colour of the composite resin can be custom-matched to the colour of your natural teeth.

Here are the key benefits of invisible fillings

1.  Look natural

2.  Strengthen the tooth – silver amalgams can weaken the teeth

3.  Restore the tooth’s natural shape – silver amalgams are limited to filling cavities

4.  Retain more of the original tooth

5.  Are healthier than amalgams as they do not contain traces of mercury

6.  Are less temperature sensitive

7.  Actually prevent further damage to your teeth

8.  Invisible fillings also last longer – anywhere from six to ten years

Safe Treatment

Older, unsightly silver/amalgam fillings contain mercury and therefore should be removed all together.

We follow a safe protocol that involves isolating the teeth using a rubber dam material

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