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Are you moderately anxious or even dental phobic?

Anxiety is the main reason many of us don’t visit the dentist enough or even at all. Research has shown that not visiting the dentist regularly is very likely to affect your dental health.

Regular visits to the dentist will optimise your dental health and wellbeing because:

  • Commonplace issues such as tooth decay or gum disease are detected early on
  • Early diagnosis minimises intervention and therefore anxiety, discomfort, inconvenience and cost
  • Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential to living life to the full

Pain-free, stress-free dentistry at Arnica

pain free dentistry


All our dentists are UK trained and are experienced in treating nervous, anxious patients. Dr Leah Adams, our sedation lead, is a one of the UK’s leading authorities on dental sedation.

Dental sedation

All our dentists and nurses are qualified to administer IV (Intravenous) and IS (Inhalation) conscious sedation to minimise pain and help you to relax.
general dentistry

Gentle dentistry

Arnica is at the forefront of gentle dentistry whereby we adapt our approach and techniques to suit your specific needs, thus helping you to fully relax and feel confident.
pain free dentistry


Our clinical team use the revolutionary ‘wand’ to administer anaesthetic, which automatically controls the flow of anaesthetic to minimise pain.

Beautiful relaxing environment

We have one of the most beautiful, relaxing, stress-free dental environments in the region comprising state-of-the art surgeries, relaxing waiting areas and views of, and access to, our lovely garden.
pain free dentistry

Trust us

We are trusted by over 100 referral dentists who refer patients to us for treatment requiring sedation and gentle dentistry and for more complex surgical procedures.

Is pain-free, stress-free dentistry really possible?

Arnica is a Centre of Excellence for minimising discomfort and anxiety and at the forefront of new technology and techniques to minimise pain. However, whilst we strive to ensure your absolute comfort, we cannot guarantee that treatment will be absolutely pain free as pain will vary from patient to patient.

pain free dentistry

What our patients say

’I can not recommend this practice highly enough and would tell anyone with a fear of the dentist to fear no more. There is a way to find pain and fear-free dentistry and it is the Arnica Dental Practice.
Louise Bruce

Dear Ellie Thank you for doing such as spectacular job on John’s teeth. He has a smile to be proud of.

Dear A Team. All I can say is WOW! My jaw aches because I’ve been smiling so much since my treatment on Friday. I’ve had so much food it’s amazing, no pain and not even a bruise on my hand where the needle went in. Thank you so much for your excellent work and continued reassurance.

Is being nervous, anxious or even dental-phobic getting in the way of much needed treatment?

Call 01242 655554 and speak to Karen, Hester, Margie or Rachel for a friendly, no-obligation chat or to book a new patient appointment to meet your new ‘gentle dentist’.

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pain free dentistry
pain free dentistry