Dr Gill Kemp Completes her PGC in Clinical Conscious Sedation

Dr Gill Kemp completes her Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Conscious Sedation and Anxiety Management.

As a Centre of Excellence for treating nervous, anxious and dental-phobic patients, Arnica is committed to continually refining our approach so that we can minimise the levels of anxiety that nervous patients might experience.

Dr. Gillian Kemp has been a member of the team at Arnica for over three years now, helping to administer sedation techniques – something she admits she has enjoyed immensely. And, as part of her continuous professional development, Gill has recently completed a 12-month Certificate in Conscious Sedation at Bristol University.

Gill already possessed a wealth of qualifications and experience in areas of dentistry including pain and anxiety control, but she wanted to formalise her skills in the area of sedation to gain a deeper knowledge of the subject.

As part of the course, Gill studied Local Anaesthesia, which has given her an underpinning knowledge of safe and effective pain control for patients. “Achieving adequate anaesthesia is essential in making my patient’s experience as stress free as possible”.  The course covered new techniques including using The Wand®, which controls the flow of local anaesthetic to make the experience less painful and avoid the ‘numb lip’ sensation.

Another part of Gill’s course has given her the skills to effectively manage patient’s anxieties.  This includes self-help, relaxation techniques and behaviour management to address the specific needs of nervous, anxious and dental-phobic patients. “It’s about listening to patients and taking their fears and anxiety seriously; giving them coping strategies and gaining their trust.” Says Gill.

Then there were the clinical aspects of Dental Sedation. These have consolidated Gill’s skills in providing both intravenous sedation and inhalation sedation and given her a wealth of experience to draw from which will greatly benefit the patients at Arnica.

“The course gave me a greater understanding of the causes of anxiety and has helped me develop the skills to help patients deal more effectively with their fears using gentle dentistry and sedation if required.”

It is important to the staff at Arnica that customers’ anxiety about forthcoming treatment is minimised and as such we strive to be caring, knowledgeable and skillful in the area of sedation. So, how will Gill’s Certificate impact Arnica’s patients?

“Due to phobia, many of our patients have not seen a dentist for years. Sedation helps to make what was once impossible for them possible.”

“Sedation is one way of helping anxious and nervous patients, but it is not the only way and we want to ensure that we treat each patient individually and use the best method for their circumstances.”

And how has Gill been able to fit this important training into her busy life?

“Juggling work and family and studying – it has not been easy, but it was worth it.”