Welcome to our referral resources page for referring dentists, where you will find all the information and help you need to make referring patients to us an easy and rewarding experience.

Our referral guarantee

We value the trust you place in us to provide your patients with the best possible referral treatment and care.

To pledge our commitment to this Dr Ellie Ledger (Practice Principal and Owner) has written a referral guarantee that puts your interests, and that of your patients first.

Our Referral Guarantee

Dental referral services – links to other referral pages

Here are links to the pages comprising key information about our referral services.

Referral Service Overview

Referrals for Treatment Requiring Sedation

Referrals for Dental Implants

Referrals for Complex Surgical Procedures

Dental referral services – download PDFs

Please note we also provide you with these referral service fact sheets in our information packs – click to view/download

Referral Service Overview PDF:

Dental Referral Service Overview

Referrals for Treatment Requiring Sedation PDF

Referrals for Dental Implants PDF

Referrals for Complex Surgical Procedures PDF

Referral Fees PDF

Patient referral guide – download PDF

Our referral guide explains everything a referral patient needs to know about being referred to Arnica for treatment.

Once we have booked a referral patient in for their first appointment we will send them a hard copy of the guide along with a covering letter confirming their appointment details.  This will also be followed up by e-mail, with links to our online referral guide (see below)

Patient Referral Guide PDF:

Patient Referral Guide

Preparation for treatment with sedation – download PDFs

Our patient Referral Guide (above) has an important section on how to prepare for treatment with sedation.

To view this advice go to our Guide to Treatment with Sedation

You can also download our Guide to Intravenous Sedation

Our on-line patient referral forms

We will keep you supplied with our traditional printed referral forms. However, many of our referral dentists are now using our easy-to-use secure online referral form that allows you to upload attachments such as X-rays. The system will also e-mail you a copy of your referral submission for your records.

Online Patient Referral Form

Dental implant restoration masterclasses

If you refer patients to us for dental implants we will show you how to do the restorations (fitting the prosthetic to the abutment and the abutment to the implant) yourself so that you retain fees associated with this part of the procedure.

The program comprises 4 modules or ‘masterclasses’ comprising:

Module 1 Treatment planning and restoring the single posterior dental implant

Module 2 Treatment planning and restoring the single anterior dental implant

Module 3 Treatment planning and restoring multiple dental implants in a partially edentulous arch

Module 4 Treatment planning and restoring dental implants in the edentulous mandible.

For more information about our restoration masterclasses please contact Charlotte Watts our practice manager.

Personal support from the team at Arnica

  • Initial meeting to discuss your specific referral needs
  • Regular catch-up meetings when you require them
  • Regular supply of referral packs and referral forms (see below)
  • Regular supply of our information for referral patients including our Patient Referral Guide and Referral Treatment Fact Sheets (See below)
  • Managing the referral process to ensure your patients get the best possible treatment and care from Arnica
  • Keeping you fully informed throughout the referral process
  • Making sure we adhere to our Referral Guarantee

If you would like to discuss our referral service in more detail then please call Laurence Hale (Practice Partner) on 01242 655554 or use the referral contact form below.

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