Replace missing or damaged teeth, or dentures with permanently fixed, ultra-realistic ceramic Teeth in a Day

Thanks to revolutionary technology, the superb quality of our materials and our extensive experience of placing dental implants, we can offer patients Teeth in a Day.

Sound too good to be true? Teeth in a Day or same day teeth is now possible thanks to incredible advances in dental implant materials, technology and technique, and the impressive capabilities of our dental technicians.

Dr Ledger has extensive experience of placing dental implants including the revolutionary All-on-4 procedure that replaces the upper and/or lower arches with permanently fixed ultra-realistic ceramic teeth. Ellie has also recently attended masterclasses given by the All-on-4 dental implant pioneer Dr. Pualo Malo at the Malo Clinic in Lisbon.

The main benefits of teeth in a day are a) that nervous/anxious patients complete the procedure quickly therefore spending less time in a dental environment and less time anticipating it and b) discomfort is minimised and c) there is no inconvenience experienced between treatments.

The Teeth in a Day Procedure

Step 1 – The patient arrives at our Teeth in a Day clinic in Leckhampton, Cheltenham in the morning.

Step 2 – An impression is taken of the surrounding teeth and gums which is then used by our dental technician to design the new porcelain tooth or ‘crown’.

Step 3 – A titanium implant (a form of self-tapping screw that acts as the new tooth’s root or anchor) is then placed in the jaw bone. This procedure is done under anaesthetic.

Step 4 – The new porcelain crown is fitted to the implant or abutment.

Step 5 – The patient returns home with a new permanent super-realistic tooth or teeth

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