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Wide range of private orthodontists options

We’ll identify the best private orthodontist option for you whether its ceramic, traditional or lingual braces or the amazing Invisalign Invisible braces

Exceptional results

The extraordinary clinical expertise and experience here at Arnica private orthodontists in Cheltenham to ensure you get the very best results

Award winning patient care

We won Best Practice again at the 2021 Private Dentistry Awards in London

A Centre of Excellence

We are recognised as a Centre of Excellence for complex surgical procedures and treating anxious patients with over 100 dentists refering difficult cases to us.

0% Finance

We offer 0% finance on treatments over £500 so you can spread the cost at no extra cost.


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Hello, I am Goldie Songra, Arnica’s consultant orthodontist

I have over 15 years’ experience straightening teeth using the best orthodontic techniques including invisible, traditional, ceramic and lingual braces.

We treat children and teens taking exceptional care to tailor our procedures to their individual needs for the best possible results.

We’ve just won another award for ‘Best treatment of nervous patients’ in the 2021 Private Dentistry Awards, further proof that we’re committed to treating all our patients in a caring, conscientious and compassionate manner to ensure the best possible experience as well.

Goldie Songra (BDS, DDS, MFDS RCS Eng, MOrth RCS Eng, FDS Orth RCS Eng), 

Cheltenham Orthodontist Goldie Songra

Cheltenham Orthodontist Goldie Songra

Invisalign Invisible Braces Open Day Saturday February 26

Your chance to find out how this revolutionary procedure can quickly and effortlessly transform your childrens smile

The Open Day is FREE and includes:

Digital scan using the latest Itero digital scanner

Itero image showing the results you can expect to achieve

Consultation with either Dr Songra or Dr Mitchell-Innes

Detailed treatment plan

0% Finance*

£500 OFF*

* T&C’s apply

Click here for further info

Invisalign Open Day February 26

Downoad our private orthodontists info pack

Click HERE to view, download and print our private orthodontists information pack comprising key info, including pricing.

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Cheltenham Orthodontist Goldie Songra in Surgery

Cheltenham Orthodontist Goldie Songra in Surgery

What do private orthodontists do?

Orthodontics is the specialist area of dentistry focussing on teeth straightening

Orthodontic treatment corrects alignment for crowded and bunched teeth, gaps, protruding teeth and misaligned bite patterns, using a variety of braces and orthodontic appliances.

In younger children, it is possible to detect these problems and prevent them from developing with early interventions.

Orthodontic intervention helps people of all ages benefit from straighter teeth, providing real functional improvements and, of course, the increased confidence from a winning smile.

Private orthodontists using ceramic braces

A fixed brace with a more discreet appearance, with brackets and wires that blend with the natural colour of your teeth. See ceramic braces

  • More aesthetically appealing
  • Same precise control as traditional braces
  • Feel less self-conscious
Girl wearing ceramic dental braces

Private orthodontists using traditional braces

Fixed brackets and wires giving precise control over the correction of your teeth that stay in your mouth until the treatment is complete. See traditional metal braces

  • More affordable
  • Excellent control
  • Effective for patients requiring more realignment
Girl wearing traditional Dental Braces

Private orthodontists using lingual braces

A fixed brace on the inside face of your teeth that is completely invisible. All the benefits of a traditional brace and no one will know it’s there. See lingual braces

  • No interruption to your lifestyle
  • Can’t be seen by others
  • Corrects all the same issues as traditional braces

Girl wearing lingual dental braces


Private orthodontists using Invisalign invisible braces

Advanced, computer generated, removable aligners that are comfortable, convenient and virtually invisible.  See Invisalign Braces

  • Live a normal life
  • Removable
  • No brackets or wires
Woman wearing Invisible dental braces

Which private orthodontists procedure is right for you?

Call us today to book an initial consultation with one of Cheltenham’s leading private orthodontists Dr Goldie Songra.

Call 01242 655554 and speak to one of our receptionists (Rachel pictured) to book your initial consultation with Dr Goldie Songra or to find out more about Orthodontics at Arnica.

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